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Looking to get AR 15 for sale rifle but not quite sure where to start? Stay tuned, because in this article we’re going to cover the best AR 15 rifles, for budget shoppers and advanced shooters alike.

After you read this guide, you will have a pretty good idea how the Clot AR 15 for sale works and how different AR set ups make a big difference. This should help you make an informed decision on which AR-15 to purchase for your intended purpose.

There are many reasons why the AR-15 has remained the most popular of all civilian rifles. Here is a list of the top five reasons why I think they are so popular:

  • They Are Used by the U.S. Military

Does the military use the AR-15? Technically, no they don’t. The US military uses the M4 whereas civilians are legally allowed to only use the semi-auto AR 15 for sale near me. This differs from the automatic/select fire capabilities of the military variety.

The AR in AR-15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle. Contrary to popular belief, AR does not stand for “Assault Rifle”. Armalite was the original manufacturer of the weapon. ArmaLite would go on to sell the design of the rifle to Colt in 1959. Today the term AR-15 is used to describe rifles of similar configurations from a myriad of different manufacturers.

Colt Ar 15 For Sale | Buy Ar 15 Pistol Online Cheap

In a nutshell, semi-auto means with each pull of the gun’s trigger, only a single round is fired. This makes the AR 15 pistol for sale significantly slower to shoot compared to  the military version of the rifle, the M4, which fires has a 3-shot burst option (three rounds are fired with a single pull of the trigger) and a full auto option (the gun will empty the entire mag if the user doesn’t let go of the trigger).

Personally, I prefer firing any gun in semi-auto. When doing target practice, I get to focus on each shot and don’t end up wasting bullets.

In real-life home defense scenarios where most of us only have to deal with one or two people, the ballistic performance of the 5.56×45mm caliber should be plenty powerful — a sin

The AR 15 riffle for sale as a shooting platform has relatively more manageable recoil compared to other rifle platforms, particularly so when chambered in its intended 5.56x45mm round. It is also offers relatively better ergonomics than other popular rifles, such as the venerable AK-47.

It is a precision-built tool specially designed for accuracy with some models tricked out with easy-grip hand guards, scope mounts and more. This is why many rifle purists and even hunters swear by the AR-15.

And this brings us to number four our my list of reasons why the AR-15 is incredibly popular.

AR 15 – Modular Design

The AR-15 is primarily comprised of two segments—the lower receiver and the upper receiver, each of which can be easily swapped out in as fast as a few seconds, provided the user has put enough time to practice field stripping and reassembly.

I’ve seen a few people assemble an AR real fast even when blindfolded.

This modularity makes the buy AR 15 online cheap stand out as a weapon platform: it’s easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to field strip and easy to reassemble.

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