Arsenal SAM7K Pistol



Arsenal SAM7K Pistol for sal, this is one of the greatest AK  and I must say the best pistol with a heavyweight.

Adding a stock is an option but you need to go through a complex process for processing a short-barreled rifle in your state, as the law says that less than 16″ barrel is not allowed for the rifle.

This model has 2 configurations the SAM7K-01R, which supports a full set of rails for attaching scopes, and the SAM7K-01, a slick version with no rails.

The rail version is best for the majority of shooters as we know the inbuilt sight of AK is not that much good and in this case, it is not adjustable too.

The barrel is a cold hammer-forged barrel with chrome lining. It is 10.5″ long with suppressor included. All the material is polymer but instead of all this, the barrel quality put some more weight in this. The trigger is smooth and can be easily handled using very little pressure on the pull, easy for the rifle too.

The inbuilt sight and hand are only satisfied. It is quite heavy but after adding the stock no one can say anything about its weight. But after ignoring its deformities it is best for pistol lover and of self-defense with low suppressed volume.


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