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ATI GSG Firefly for sale features a wear-resistant alloy frame outfitted with an integrated accessory rail. The slide features adjustable sights, and along with the rugged blowback system, fixed barrel and superior ergonomic grip, the GSG FireFly delivers exceptional accuracy. Additional safeties include an internal locking device and slide mounted ambidextrous safety.

Next in our Cheap Handguns for Sale Under $200 review, we have this ATI GSG Firefly pistol. It uses .22LR HV caliber rounds and has a threaded barrel. It comes in black with a 4.9-inch barrel and a full length of 7.2 inches. The mag capacity is an impressive ten rounds, plus it weighs in at 24.06 ounces.

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Buy ATI GSG Firefly frame and slide are made from zinc alloy to make it lightweight, durable, and strong. The fixed and threaded M9 x .75 barrel is a hard-wearing and steel construction, made for accuracy.

There’s an integrated accessory rail on the underside of the barrel, which is perfect for a laser or flashlight. Plus, the slide has both front and rear adjustable sights to keep you on target.

The blowback system uses the energy from firing your first round to load the shot, and the GSG Firefly does this consistently well. Then you’ve got a comfortable ergonomic grip. Also, there’s an internal locking safety and an ambidextrous manual one.


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  1. Fred Miller

    I bought this and love the way it looks and feels. It’s my first gun. Great price

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