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FN SLP for Sale shotgun was primarily made for people wanting of a reliable semi-automatic shotgun. That lineage of high-stakes, hard use situations make for an excellent firearm that you can bet your life on.

FN makes the most reliable firearms on earth including the vast majority of small arms for the US military. They make a ton of different shotguns and rifles for civilian use. Including the FN SLP shotgun is one of their best shotguns for home defense and a great tactical shotgun.

At its core, it is a semi-automatic shotgun that will cycle everything from heavy slugs and two-week trap loads. If you can fit it into the chamber, it’ll fire it. That is great to know if you are going to be practicing with low-cost bird shot or target loads. And go home and load up with a high brass buckshot for home defense.

Buy FN SLP For Sale shotgun

As far as putting lead downrange in a hurry, few shotguns can match the speed and reliability of this gun. This gun is a well-made high-quality firearm designed to run a synthetic stock that absorbs recoil as well. It is a natural gun to start upgrading with side saddles, flashlight mounts, and sling plates that are all available. If you can afford the cost, you won’t be disappointed with this gun!

Technical data : The FN Self-Loading Police Shotgun offers the soft-recoil and the reliability of a gas-operated auto-loading action. Standard features include a M1913 rail with precision front and rear ghost ring shighting system. Rear ghost ring sight is removable for the use of optics. Incorporates the Invector choke system (cylinder and improved cylinder chokes) for accurate performance with rifled slugs when needed. Comes standard with two gas pistons (heavy & light loads) for optimum performance in payload delivery. Corrosion resistant finish (manganese phosphate on steel components for added durability.) Anodizing on aluminum. Caliber 12 gauge with 3 inch chamber Weight w. empty mag 3,770 kg (8.32 lbs) Overall length 39 Barrel lenght 18 Ammunition Capacity: 6+1 with 2-34 shells Sights Front sight and ghost ring sight Operating principle Gas operated, semi-automatic Finish Matt finishing on barrel, receiver and bolt


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