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Glock 19 For Sale Online

The Glock 19 for sale online is a versatile, compact 9mm pistol designed to function as a concealed carry or back-up handgun for those who want the reliability and accuracy of a Glock in a smaller package. The safe action system on the G19 is second to none, and that coupled with the wide range of magazine capacities makes this the only CCW you’ll ever need. Weighing in at 30.16 oz loaded, with an overall length of 7.36 inches, the compact Glock 19 9mm found right here at Omaha Outdoors is serious firepower sized to carry. Own one of the most sought-after handguns on the market, in the color and variation you want, to Glock 19 online.

Ah, the unfailing GLOCK 19 for sale. Have you ever wondered about the story behind one of the world’s most popular pistols? What it would be like to fire an excellently crafted handgun built to withstand any conditions for home defenders, servicemen and women alike?

How about some points on maintaining an efficiently built weapon like the GLOCK 19? We’ll take a shot at all of these topics and more below. Let’s dive right in.

GLOCK 19 for sale – Buy Glock  19 Online

There are five generations of this famous pistol, but we will begin with the story of the GLOCK company to really understand where to buy Glock 19 online now and get 10% discount.

Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, began his humble career in the glamorous realm of curtain rod manufacturing in the 1960s. Weird, right? Not what I think of when I picture the deadly accurate pistols that bear his name!

Anyway, in the 70s, the Austrian military commissioned him to design knives, grenade casings and machine-gun belt links. Thus began his entry into the firearms business.

Gaston Glock designed his first handgun in 1981 at the request of the military, which needed an accurate gun that could be fired quickly in the field of battle.

Already an expert in polymer manufacturing, Glock took to his garage workshop and designed the first-generation Glock 17.

It took about 18 months for him to fine-tune his renowned SAFE ACTION system that eliminates the need for an external safety by incorporating a tri-tiered safety system using the trigger, firing pin and drop safety.

The first Glock 19  for sale was designed in 1988, and was built with fewer parts to minimize the chance of malfunctions. He built his name and company on the word reliability.

As the GLOCK handguns became more popular, especially for police and military forces, more problems with his design became apparent.

Most famously, the “AD Heard Round the World” incident occurred in 1992 when a New York officer’s weapon discharged multiple times with his hand nowhere near the trigger.

After this incident, GLOCK changed their tooling methods and over the subsequent years honed the G19, with upgrades to every new generation, into one of the most reliable handguns on the market today.

GLOCK 19 Specs and Performance

I’ve used the word “reliable” several times already, but I want to break down exactly why I’m using that term so freely with the Glock 19 for sale. With more than 60,000 9mm rounds through the action, this handgun has had ZERO malfunctions for me. Zero.

It is so efficiently designed that the Glock 19 for sale is capable of withstanding the most brutal conditions. It is not a classically pretty gun, but, boy, will it do its job.

As far as accuracy goes, the G19 will hit its mark whether you are using it for competition, as a duty gun or for concealed carry defense. At 25 yards, it was averaging 3-inch 5-shot patterns.

The Marksman barrel has hardline rifling that stabilizes shots, while the balance and dual recoil spring assembly create minimal kick so you are able to lock back on target quickly with precision.

Ergonomically, the G19 feels good to shoot. The Gen5 has removed the annoying finger grooves found in Gen3 and Gen4, and the customizable backstraps give you the grip size you want.

One thing that I personally would modify, however, is the awkward, angular trigger guard and uncomfortable cutout in the front of the magazine well.

These are minor annoyances, however, and are totally based off of personal preference.

Overall, buy Glock 19 online is comfortable, soft-shooting and well-balanced. Here are some specs:

  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Capacity: 15 + 1
  • Trigger: 5.5 lb. pull
  • Dimensions:
    • OAL: 7.28”
    • Height: 4.99”
    • Width: 1.18”
    • Weight: 23.65 oz

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