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Glock 43 for sale When it comes to concealment, size definitely matters. The slim Glock 43 hides beneath clothing more easily than the thick grip of models like the G19. The G43 measures 4.25 inches tall by 6.26 inches long with a slide width of 1.06 inches, making it both a lightweight and compact pistol ideal for pocket carrying.

The Glock 43 for sale features aggressive texture on the grip, a larger magazine release button, and the Glock standard beavertail. This Glock’s trigger distance is shorter than the G19’S at 2.56 inches, but its six-round magazine capacity probably means you should carry a spare clip.

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Some compact handguns are hard to grip, but the G43 is large enough for easy handling. If you have large hands, your pinky finger might not fit on the flush-fit magazine. You can also address this issue with the Glock 43 magazine extension if you don’t feel like you have sturdy control.

You can use a variety of ammunition with the Glock 43, but of course, some brands will perform better than others. Still, this daily carry pistol cycles well and rarely fails. For the average consumer who uses moderately priced ammo, the Glock 43 is more than adequate.

On average, the Glock 43 produces 1.25-inch five-shot groups when fired from a distance of 5 to 10 yards. Grouping seems to open up at greater distances, but five-shot groups of 4 inches are still possible at 25 yards. Keep in mind that the Glock 43’s short barrel was built for concealed carry, not precision. That said, it still outperforms many of its competitors.

For a compact 9mm, the G43’s felt recoil is surprisingly small. If you’ve used a carry pistol before, you know the kickback can be problematic. The Glock 43’s muzzle rise and recoil are larger than the Glock 19’s, but that seems to be the case with every successive compact design. Even with this, the G43 is still one of the best performing guns in its class.


Buy Glock 43 online reliability means that it works well as a daily carry pistol. It can be carried both inside and outside the waistband in a Glock 43 holster with excellent retention. Both positions allow you to draw with a full firing grip.

This compact handgun conceals more easily than double-stack models. The single-stack frame rests close to your body without excessive protrusion. You can hide it under a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt and even high-waisted skinny jeans, though you may want to skip using it with leggings.

As you compare the best holsters, remember that carrying a concealed weapon often means prioritizing draw time over comfort.


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Weight with empty magazine: 16.23 ounces
  • Average weight loaded: 20.64 ounces / 1.29 pounds
  • Height with magazine: 4.25 inches
  • Slide length: 6.06 inches
  • Slide width: 0.87 inches
  • Overall length: 6.26 inches
  • Overall width: 1.06 inches
  • Barrel length: 3.41 inches
  • Magazine capacity: 6+1
  • Average trigger pull: 5.5 pounds
  • Sights: White dot
  • Finish: Black nDLC


We can’t ignore the Glock 43x in our Glock 43 review. In January 2019, Glock revised and expanded the G43 to create the Glock 43X. This Austrian built handgun is great if you want a slim frame with a higher magazine capacity. The 43X offers a standard 10+1 capacity rather than the 6+1 configuration of the G43 and most other pistols in the compact category.

The capacity upgrade means a higher grip, which may prove more comfortable if you have large hands. Compared to the older model, you will not have to worry about that errant pinky finger. The 43X grip height compares closer to the Glock 19, allowing you a similar amount of control despite having a slimmer frame.

The 43X comes with a wear-resistant silver nPVD coating and features front serrations as the factory standard. This is something that’s normally offered only as a customization upgrade available from Glock on the OEM slides. And speaking of slides, if you already own the G43, any upgraded parts will also fit your 43X as they are the same size.


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