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The Glock 48 for sale

The Glock 48 for sale is a striker-fired, recoil-operated, semi automatic pistol developed by Glock Ges.m.b.H., a well-known Austrian firearms producer. Even though this model was introduced only recently, in 2019, it has already become one of the most popular Glock models. One of the reasons for this is that the G48 is a great balance of size and reliability. It is just big enough to serve as a duty and range gun, but not too big for everyday concealed carry purposes. Buy  Glock 48 online has slowly become the most popular Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) on the planet with well over 100,000 people per month searching for information and places to buy the G48.

I finally went out and bought my first Glock 48 a couple of months ago and have finally been able to get out to the range and shoot 200 rounds in about an hour. I’ve shot the G48 enough to give an honest and thorough review. After my first couple of range days, I’m convinced that there is no better CCW than the Glock 48.

Buy Glock 48 Online – Glock 48 For Sale

The Glock 48 for sale provides a 0.78″ line of sight advantage over the Glock 43X, which doesn’t sound like a lot but makes a huge difference for me. With the two Glocks being the same in almost every aspect, the G48 separates itself with a longer barrel, heavier weight, and better line of sight. Buy Glock 48 fits my hand perfectly with a standard 10-round magazine attached. As you can see from the picture below, my hand fits all the way on the pistol grip, once a magazine is added. The grip doesn’t feel like other low-profile pistols that sacrifice a thinner mag well for a tighter grip on the pistol. Some critics might say, “well, isn’t the G43X the same grip as the G48?” I really couldn’t tell any difference in the grip of the 2 pistols, but the added weight and length of the barrel and slide, make the pistol feel more balanced in my hand. Overall, the feel of the G48 in my hand feels better than the G43X.

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  1. James Thigpen

    So far I have no problems with it. Came out of the box with no scratches or problems with finish. I have had no problems what so ever. Very smooth shooting gun.

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