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The Ruger SR 556 for sale is a semiautomatic AR-15 style rifle manufactured by U.S. firearms company Sturm, Ruger & Co. The rifle was introduced in 2009 in 223 Remington/5.56×45mm NATO and as a .308 The immense interest in the AR-15 platform is unlikely to abate anytime soon. The number of manufacturers offering the gun is increasing as Americans continue to satisfy their appetite for the sleek, light, reliable rifle. Basically the same gun it was in the 1950s, the AR-15’s only major design change in today’s models is the gas piston operating system. At first the gas piston was a bit shaky because the rod tilted and broke bolt assemblies. But manufacturers have worked out the bugs and now offer reliably performing gas-piston guns.

Ruger entered the AR market relatively late but had done its homework beforehand and opted to go with a gas-piston gun, feeling this would be the AR of the 21st century—nothing I’ve seen has proven it wrong. Ruger now offers several different models ranging from high-end rifles with all the bells and whistles down to stripped, sleek, economy guns with just what you need and nothing you don’t. Since most operators want a compact and light carbine, I recently took an interest in Ruger’s short, 14.5-inch carbine, which is legal to own due to the built-in flash suppressor that brings the barrel to a legal 16.12 inches.

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The Ruger SR 556 for sale Carbine is a centerfire AR platform weapon with the same features of the original SR-556 but with a shorter barrel. In this case, the part of the barrel that is actually rifled is 14.5 inches in length, but the barrel’s overall length is a legal 16.12 inches due to an integral flash suppressor that is actually cut into the hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel itself, making it fixed and non-removable. At just a shade over 7 pounds, the Model 5913 Buy Ruger SR 556 Carbine (there is another model with a full-railed forend) is sleek, incorporating a thin, lightweight, adaptable handguard on which sections of rail can be placed for needed accessories, instead of having a forend with enough rails to open a railroad! The thin handguard also allows the operator to wrap his or her support hand around the forend to better “drive” the muzzle from one target to the next. The SR-556 Carbine comes from the factory with a set of heavy-duty, flip-up iron sights, but the receiver/barrel-length section of Picatinny rail just asks for an easy-to-see and -use optic.

Ruger SR 556 For Sale | Buy Ruger SR 556 Online Cheap

Buy ruger sr 556 online The pistol grip supplied by Ruger is a rubber, finger-grooved Hogue Monogrip rather than the overly thin mil-spec grip of most ARs, which is usually one of the first things users replace with an aftermarket product. A six-position, telescoping buttstock and Magpul PMag are also part of the factory package, making it one of the best factory-equipped long guns available. As previously stated, buy Ruger SR 556 online cheap Carbine features a gas piston system, but not one with the typical piston rod as found on other AR packages. Ruger uses a two-stage piston with an adjustable regulator, which provides a cleaner- and cooler-running carbine and thus a longer service life. The two-stage piston supplies a smooth delivery stroke to the chrome-lined bolt carrier so as not to compound recoil. The four-position regulator can be adjusted for optimum reliability and superior operating endurance, including with the use of suppressors.

As well dressed as the Ruger SR 556 for sale Carbine comes from the factory, it was not quite what I would want to hit the streets with. First, the gun needed a top-of-the-line optic, and I needn’t look any further than Leupold. Since I viewed this gun for patrol or SWAT operations, I felt having an optic that would work in close quarters but also “reach out” and see what a suspect is holding in their hands would be the way to go. Leupold’s VX-R Patrol optic is a 1.25-4x20mm scope packed full of features. Its FireDot Special Purpose Reticle, once activated, illuminates a dot at the center of the crosshairs with bright, sharp definition while the rest of the reticle is not illuminated. This combination leads your eye naturally to the center aiming point and makes target acquisition quick, precise and simple regardless of the distance involved. Leupold’s Index Matched Lens System has nearly perfected superior light management by utilizing different coating materials for each lens surface in the riflescope, based on the lens’ index of refraction, placement and function, layering each coating to eliminate reflections and maximize light transmission. The result is unparalleled brightness and extremely sharp resolution across the entire visual plain. Leupold’s DiamondCoat on the exterior lenses gives the ultimate in abrasion resistance and light transmission. The result is a flawless sight picture over a career of hard use.


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    I must confess it’s a very powerful weapon. It shoots very well.

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