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Mossberg 590A1 for sale When the Marine Corps needed a shotgun, they went to Mossberg and upgraded everything about the 590 series gun they produce. They came out with a fully loaded weapon ready for everything from the jungle, to the desert, and urban combat.

Buy Mossberg 590A1 online features a heavier barrel and greater ammunition capacity than the other 590 series. It also has greater corrosion resistance and is made of a higher grade steel. Fewer mimed parts were included and more robust forgings than the lower grade guns. If you need a gun that will outlive you and is the most durable on the market, this is a great option.

Buy Mossberg 590A1 For Sale

You also get ghost ring sites, similar to the famous sites on the M14 and in M1 Garand rifle. This allows you greater range and fast target acquisition. this is on top of the picatinny rail included. It’s ready to mount a red dot or scope to the mossberg 590a1 mil spec combat shotgun.

This combat shotgun is also much heavier than other guns because of the heavy steel parts, a heavy duty polymer stock, and a heavy wall barrel. All that weight helps soak up the recoil and make for a very easy shooting gun.

Special processes and finishes have been done to the inside of the receiver to make the parts even more reliable. You will never be able to make this combat shotgun fail even in the worst of operating conditions.


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