Hi Point JHP 45
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Buy Hi Point JHP 45 is of the Best Cheap Handguns for Sale Under $200, let’s check out the Hi-Point semi-auto striker fire handgun. It comes in 45 ACP caliber and has a good 9+1 capacity. And is a double-action design that is available in black and weighs in at 35 ounces. The barrel length is 4.5 inches, and the overall length is 7.75 inches.

A high impact black powder-coated polymer frame has been used as well as high impact grips for good recoil control. It also includes a quick on/off manual thumb safety, a magazine disconnect safety, plus a last round lock open feature. As well, you get a free trigger lock thrown in with this package.

Buy Hi Point JHP 45 Online

Buy Hi Point JHP 45 for sale In terms of sights, it has a 3-dot set-up, with the rear being fully-adjustable, and there’s an extra rear peep sight. It’s also worth noting that Hi-Point has produced this cheap handgun for under $200 using only American made parts and assembly.

All-in-all, this is a very affordable standard size pistol that you could all-day carry, use as a home defense weapon, or use down the range. It’s also good for anyone that has safety at the top of their agenda.

All Hi-Point handguns feature 100% American parts & assembly as well as a quick on-off thumb safety, magazine disconnect safety, high-impact polymer frame, 3-dot sights and last round lock open. Specifications: Weight: 35 oz. # of Mags: 1 Overall Length: 7.75 Additional Info: +P Rated Additional Info: Magazine Disconnect Safety

1 review for Hi Point JHP 45

  1. Ryan Shawn

    I bought this gun and straight out of the box, it jams… both clips appear to be strong enough but now I need to have a repair done for a gun that’s never been used!

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