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The Taurus TX22 for sale is one of the best handguns ever made chambered for the .22 LR. You can hold it as if it’s a full-size self-defense pistol that feels really good in the hands. For a budget piece, it has an amazing trigger, adjustable rear and front sights, and a lot of other cool features. But the best thing about it which gun snobs don’t even bother to look at is the included magazines and the number of rounds each one can hold: 16.Granted, the TX-22 is not the only .22 LR-chambered pistol with a magazine that holds these many rounds — KelTec released their new P17 just last year and it has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds as well. But if I’m being honest, it’s nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing and its barrel is a little shorter. I would choose the Taurus TX22 for sale over it any day of the week. A big problem when it comes to designing a double-stack magazine for any handgun chambered in a rimmed cartridge is, well, the rim of the cartridge. Typically, rimmed cartridges cannot just be stacked straight up vertically over each other like rimless cartridges. The rims just butt up to one another, pushing each other so that all of them rest in the magazine at an angle. Taurus was able to design a beautiful working magazine despite this.

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Buy Taurus TX22 online cheap magazine has a strong spring that pushes the follower upward from the front while several guides within the walls ensure the cartridges are pushed upward. There’s a pair of circular round tabs on the magazine, one on each side. These tabs can be used to move the follower downward. You can just pinch them together and pull them down and the follower will move along with them. However, I would advise against using those tabs that way because the spring makes it impossible to hold on to those tabs once you have the magazine loaded with 13 or 14 rounds. I would recommend to just use the tool that comes with the TX-22 to load the magazines faster. The Taurus G2s is a striker-fired semiauto pistol with a single stack magazine. In addition, the S in its name stands for slim. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about this gun. It’s a single stack variant of their previous Taurus G2c pistol. I am not the biggest Taurus fan. However, I liked the G2c as it’s fairly accurate and does its job very well. I know it’s a reliable gun that I can use for self-defense. So let’s see if the G2s is just as good?

2 reviews for Taurus TX22

  1. James Bond

    Hard some issue with my order and when I called the customer service was kind of rude to me.

  2. Roger Albert

    I specifically ordered the black color but received a different color.

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