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Beretta 92 For Sale Cheap

Beretta 92 for sale company has been making firearms for about 500 years, with a founding date of 1526. They have remained at the top of the heap in quality and respect.

Beretta has provided high-quality firearms to the world’s armies and citizens in an unbroken line.

Napoleon went to war with Beretta muskets among others, and the Beretta-made Garands are of excellent quality.

The Beretta Model 92 for sale has seen extensive military service.

The pistol — in military parlance the M9 — has proven reliable, accurate and easy to use well.

Research indicates that there are fewer accidental discharges with the Beretta 92 than practically any other service pistol.

While true safety is between the ears, a combination of a positive manual safety, a double-action first-shot trigger, a loaded-chamber indicator and a positive firing-pin block are good features.

The Beretta also seems to be among the least likely of any 9mm handgun to tie up or malfunction.

Buy Beretta online cheap isn’t a small pistol, but it is light enough and features a good reserve of ammunition.

There are special models, including stainless-steel versions and the Inox line.

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  • Beretta 92 Compact Design

When it comes to personal defense, serious handgunners attempt to retain the power, accuracy and reliability of the service pistol, while deploying a shorter and lighter version.

The Commander size .45, GLOCK 19 9mm and SIG P229 are examples.

The Beretta 92 Compact isn’t seen as often, but it is a nice handling pistol with excellent performance.

The Beretta 92 Compact isn’t rare, but it is gives the owner real pride of ownership.

The pistol illustrated was delivered in a hard plastic case with a cleaning rod, gun lock and spare magazine, and the pistol is finished in a durable bluing that is flawless in execution.


The pistol is serviceable as issued. The author added a set of Wilson Combat grips. The fit and feel are excellent.

The pistol is a double-action first-shot type. The initial shot is accomplished by a long trigger press that both cocks and drops the hammer.

The slide recoils and cocks the hammer for subsequent single-action shots. The double-action trigger is tight, but smooth at about 15 pounds.

The single-action trigger breaks at a clean 4.25 pounds.

The sights are intended for rapid acquisition at combat ranges and precision fire to at least 50 yards.

The Beretta uses the oscillating-wedge lockup pioneered by the Mauser C96 pistol. The open-top slide is a distinctive Beretta trademark.

When examining this Italian-made pistol, the fit, finish and smoothness of operation seemed above average, but that isn’t the only noticeable mark of superior manufacture.

The barrel crown was particularly well done with a true 45-degree cut in the crown. This is a step foregone by most makers.

This crown aids in good accuracy and also in preventing damage to the rifling.

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